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The 6 Best Writing Apps for Aspiring authors

The 6 Best Writing Apps for Aspiring authors

Writing Apps

The 6 Best Writing Apps for Aspiring authors

Using Writing Apps: You already know that writing and publishing a book is a matter of effort, dedication, and daily concentration.

There is no magical inspiration or natural talent to write an entire book. But that does not mean that writing a book needs to be an impossible mission. To make your life easier as an aspiring author, we selected the 6 best apps for writing books.

In general, the purpose of these apps for writers is to help organize your ideas, avoid distractions, and offer resources that make it easier to edit the text.

For independent authors who live on book self-publishing, having a useful application for writing books by hand is essential!

yWriter – The Application for writing books.

YWriter is an excellent application for writing books. Besides being very easy to use, its differential is the book’s automatic division into chapters and scenes.

In this way, it is possible to better organize your ideas and improve the plot’s fluency and flow. You can, for example, change the position of chapters and scenes as you prefer. Just drag and drop them as if they were items in a list.

Another positive point of this application for writers is the reporting system, which creates daily records of your writing progress.

YWriter records characters and locations and has an incredible annotation feature, allowing you to attach images and comments when you need them.

YWriter is a free book writing application compatible with Windows XP (and above), MacOS X, and Linux.

Papyrus Author-Writing application

Papyrus Author is the first-ever writing suite with a modern and speedy word-processing engine at its core. They added a wealth of innovative features for every stage of your writing project to this robust foundation, from page 1 to The End.

Think of Papyrus Author as a fully stocked toolkit, equipping you for every challenge that comes with writing your book.
Envisioning your plot,
Fleshing out your cast of characters,
Keeping tabs on your timeline,
Weeding out stylistic missteps and even self-publishing are all made easy, right at your fingertips.

You have the story. We have the tools to bring it to life on the page.
Papyrus author offers a reasonably good free version of their product.

Evernote – Note-taking application

As the name suggests, Evernote is aimed at the notes. Notes that every writer needs to make when writing a book are text, voice messages, images, and even web pages. Best of all, all these notes are synced to your Evernote account, which you can access on any device.

Thus, whenever inspiration strikes, you can write down your ideas in a practical and organized way. With Evernote, you don’t have a bad time writing. When using in the browser, there is one more advantage: Evernote Web Clipper, a plugin that allows you to bookmark a website’s URL, bookmark an image, or even include the entire page in a note.

To keep everything more organized, Evernote allows you to use tags in your notes. You can also separate them into “notebooks.” This is a system similar to the computer and mobile folders we know well. There are so many incredible features that most Evernote users don’t see how they lived without this application to write.

Evernote has different plan options. The free version offers 60 Mb of monthly storage. This application for writing books is compatible with Windows XP (and above), Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and browser.

ZenWriter – Application to write

ZenWriter is very similar to Word (Microsoft), the most popular writing application that has ever existed. The main difference, or rather, differential, is the ZenWriter screen fill. When you open this application to write books, it overlaps all other programs. The entire screen is filled with him. You don’t even see the taskbar.

And the purpose of that? Prevent you from being distracted by social media, games, or anything that gets in the way of your writing productivity. To improve, ZenWriter also has a library of relaxing sounds and music so that you are genuine “Zen.”

ZenWriter is an application for writing paid books, compatible with Windows and Android.

Storybook – Writing Apps -Application for Writing Books

Storybook is an application for writing books that share some features of yWriter. In particular, it focuses on the organization of text elements. Unlike yWriter, the Storybook is organized in tokens, which correspond to the characters, sets, scenes, plots (main and parallel stories). These notes can be accessed at any time and viewed in different ways according to your needs.

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The Storybook also generates reports that address the characters’ appearances, the times that a particular scenario was used, and so on. An excellent resource for that author who likes to analyze the progress of the book systematically. Besides, all Storybook saves your data automatically. So, you don’t risk losing entire scenes because you forgot to save. Ufa!

Storybook is a free book writing application compatible with Windows XP (and above) and Linux.

Scrivener – Application for Writers-A Great Writing Apps

Scrivener is the favorite application of many writers, and it is not for nothing. The book writing app developed by writers with the intention to help you with every step of the creative process. From research and notes to writing and editing the book. In other words, it is an application for both word processing and project management!

One Word describes the Scrivener app: complete.

With it, you have access to each part of your project practically and straightforwardly. You can check statistics about your book, including a list of the most used words, a beneficial resource when editing your own book. You can save the text in the format you want, be it epub, docx, PDF, or other.

Scrivener is a paid writer application. It is compatible with Windows 7 (and above), macOS, and iOS.

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