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Book Market-What is it?

On the importance of the Book Market (creative industry) for publishers

Book Market: Evolution From Drawings to Papyrus

To talk about the book market, first of all, we have to go back a few million years. It all started with writings engraved on stones.

They served as a form of communication and recording. As time went by, papyrus appeared in Egypt; shortly after that, the papyrus is replaced by the scrolls. Well, if you realize that writing has come a long way in history, right? The book, as we see it today, only acquires this format from the Middle Ages.

The invention of typography was indeed one of the most important revolutions in human history. It also managed to make its effects immediately felt amid medieval society.

The relationship between literature and the Book market has not always been fluid.

From the first avant-garde to the current, the tension between artistic achievement and public recognition has silenced valuable names or has been the downfall of authors searching for an audience. Nowadays, new ways of promoting literature continue to endanger what is essential: the Manuscripts’ quality.

I think our literary tradition has to evolve, have to explore its form and its spirit through writers and thinkers, rather than let the lazy, easy traditional narrative controlled by the publishing industry – roll all over the readers and dominate the market… It sends people to a non-reflective sleep state.

Xiaolu Guo

Literature and Book Market

The problem here is the relations between literature and the market. And also about the conceptions and practices that emerge from their convergence. The new roles that writers assume in the loss of social prestige of literature.

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