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Book Crowdfunding

Book Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Books

Book Crowdfunding: What is that?

Book crowdfunding has become an alternative to ease book launches. Increasingly, authors, writers, and people who love to tell stories and want to share them with the world are looking for the tool, also known as crowdfunding, to get projects out of the drawer.

With the publishing market crisis because of the Pandemic, publishers cut print runs and cut new releases last year. In this scenario, it became even more challenging to rely on this form of financing to produce independent books and literary and creative works.

I think that crowdfunding has become such a powerful tool to tell stories that might not find financing otherwise – like a dark comedy about infidelity, for example!
Kit Williamson

And that’s where crowdfunding comes in.

We have already spoken here about how crowdfunding is also a way of resisting and encouraging culture. During the history of iSpirit and OMTimes Publishing and Its subsidiaries, we met several people who sought crowdfunding to publish their books and short stories. So, the idea is not new, nor is it unheard of.

Creativity Bursts with less risk.

Crowdfunding can act as a pre-sale for your book. As you need people to collaborate with your campaign, this mobilization becomes a thermometer of the interest that people have in your idea. Have you ever imagined investing your money in a book that may not sell as well afterward? You would probably be at a loss. There is no such risk in crowdfunding since people have already embraced your idea even before production begins.

Engage and expand your network.

One of the strengths of crowdfunding is bringing people together to support an idea. Your supporters (Friends of friends and family) will have different profiles, and this is normal. Some people will buy your book, others will support it because they liked the theme of your book… And some love your work and will love being part of it! This feeling of “I got together” is compelling!

Ask Help with Promotion

To reach the goal, you must publicize your campaign. That is, you start to promote your book before it is released, telling your story to the world!

Crowdfunding is more than an online kitty!

It is an open invitation for people to embrace your project and collaborate to make it happen.

Each campaign has financial goals and a series of rewards that act as counterparts for people who support the project.

“I find crowdfunding to be one of the most ethical ways to continue doing the work that we do…”
Anita Sarkeesian

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