Quotes and Poetry

Quotes and Poetry and Other Artistic Expressions

Quotes and Poetry is a literary genre characterized by composition in harmoniously structured verses. It is a manifestation of beauty and aesthetics portrayed by the poet in the” architecture of words.”

In the figurative sense, poetry is everything that moves, sensitizes, and awakens one’s feelings. It is any form of art that inspires and enchants, which is sublime and beautiful.

Certain formal elements characterize a poetic text – such as rhythm, verses, and stanzas – and define poetry’s metric.

The poem’s metric consists of the use of specific literary resources that distinguish a poet’s style.

The Uses of Quotes and Poetry, and Free verses

The free verses do not follow any metrics. The author is free to set his own pace and create his own rules. This type of poetry is also called modern poetry, in which elements of modernism stand out.

We know that Poetry is a poetic text, usually in verse, that is part of the literary genre called “lyrical.”

It combines words, meanings, and aesthetic qualities. Language aesthetics prevail over content, so it uses different phonetic, syntactic, and semantic devices.

“Yet poetry, though the last and finest result, is a natural fruit. As naturally as the oak bears an acorn, and the vine a gourd, man bears a poem, either spoken or done. It is the chief and most memorable success, for history is narrative prose of poetic deeds. ”
Henry David Thoreau

Word architecture as a Poetic manifestation of creativity.

The art of Poetry is variable and creative. Quotes and Poetry, when in groups the verses form stanzas. The literary origins of poetry suggest that initially, they existed as songs, so it is concerned with aesthetics, metrics, and rhyme.

A poetic text is a text where the author directly expresses personal feelings and views. The voice that manifests itself in poetry, that is, the poetic and fictional subject created by the writer, we call it the lyrical self.

It is among the oldest forms of literary art. Along with poetry, we find their registries in hieroglyphics in Egypt 25 centuries before Christ. In modern poetry, one of the most important tools is a metaphor, a figure of speech.

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