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Memory Scribes: Memoirs as Scribes of Your Soul

Memory Scribes: Memoirs as Scribes of Your Soul

Memory Scribes

Memory Scribes, Personal Memoirs as a registry of Your Soul’s Story

About Memoirs and How to Your Life as a Story

Do you want to write a memoir?
This is how Spirit Publishing’s Contemporary writers as Memory Scribes are bringing the past back to life in a very personal and unique way.

Make a book With the Story of Your Life.

Since the most remote times, the nobility used scribes to document their lives, register events, and record popular culture. Over the years, some of these “scribes” began to act as private secretaries, lending their writing skills and serving influential personalities. Such encounters gave rise to memoir and biographies that have survived the centuries.

Today, thanks to the progress of digital printing, anyone can publish a book to tell the story of their life, rites of passage, or express their opinions.

The profession of the scribe has evolved into that of a freelance contracted writer.

By using innovative techniques, the modern scribe may become your family’s biographer or the person you entrust your most personal feelings.

Whatever the subject or volume of the text, your book may be prepared in the format and quantity of your choice, most of the time self-published, sometimes with an open door for conventional publishers.

The Modern Memory Scribes

Nowadays, what we call Scribes is a group of individuals or ghostwriters based in several countries. At the center of this international network are federated skills, shared methodologies, and, above all, the commitment to shared values.

We at iSpirit Publishing love this concept of being your personal escribe and aiding you to write your memoirs every step of the way.

Our affiliations are a guarantee for your project, in addition to enriching our shared professional experience. Once we become your partner in writing your life story, we share responsibility for the project. This advice is based on our enlightened, attentive, and dedicated experience.

For your convenience, OMTimes and iSpirit have developed a network that extends beyond any country’s borders. We offer a forum where professionals can share their experiences and exchange ideas. Together with this sharing place, we commit to:

• Respect the plurality of culture.
• Ease the oral narrative’s transposition to the written narrative in all the languages you want we may be offering.

iSpirit Publishing, through our unique and innovative approach, intends to rescue the “Cosmopolitan Spirit” of the Tower of Babel, bringing the diversity of the world stories and Cultural voices to the front stage.

Each Memory Story is Unique

Everyone has a story to share. Inside of each of us lives a storyteller full of curious narratives for all occasions. But many times, we are silent, keeping our experiences bottled up out of shyness or because we may think that others are not interested in what we may have to say.

” The Memory is the scribe of the soul.”

We are at Service of your Memories.

Memory Scribes are people who have chosen to help you write your memories, ideas, or testimonies. Based on your life story, your book adviser will be your concierge “personal” memoirist. This will allow you to produce the narratives that gradually will become your book.

To offer you solid professional guarantees and human inspiration forged in the best combination of knowledge, we have chosen to organize ourselves in an international network of ghostwriters. In this context, open to individuals and rich in diversity, we have instituted and developed a standard training ground method.

This exchange resulted in a forum for socializing among fellow writers. Despite the overwhelming distance between our addresses, we cultivate a collective and supportive spirit. In addition to the progress of methods, we nurture our common interests with other sensitivities.

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We like that our cultural background is distinct because it is through differences that curiosity towards others is fueled! When it is possible to abolish borders in this way, using a common language makes everything easier to solve.

We carry out this demanding but fascinating activity independently, under our own responsibility, according to each country’s sensitivity. Our ethics seal these commitments.

In the pages, we produce for you just like a family story writer.

iSpirit is also dedicated to what you stand for.

Our professionalism is not an exercise in style: writing a memoir consists of merging us, both discretely and skillfully, in a tone that is unique to you. By carefully retrieving the story told by you and re-enacting your favorite expressions, we strive to make your loved ones say, as you read these pages: “This the book you have written!”

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