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How to Write a Romance Novel?

How to Write a Romance Novel?

How to write Romance Book

How to Write a Romance Novel?

What would it take to write a Romance Novel?

Romance Novel books represent many people’s gateway to the world of literature. They are one of the largest markets for fiction books out there. This genre industry generates 1 billion sales every year. It has a 34% market share Learning how to write a novel book can be the way to make many dreams come true, whether your goal is just to write what you love or become a best-selling author.

But despite the stigma faced by Romance Novels, which are often considered superficial, it is a complex literary genre like any other. To write a romance book that wins readers, you have to roll up your sleeves and work hard! (No News Here !!).

Romance Novel: Playing with your readers’ feelings.

Like horror or erotic fiction, Romance Novels books are intended to provoke certain sensations in those who read. While terror wants to scare and erotic fiction wants to excite, the novel aims to make readers fall in love, and this is not an easy task.

To enchant readers, they must be charmed by the characters individually and feel the chemistry between them. The love story that your book tells must be palpable. It must be written in such a way that your readers will hope that the characters stay together and even cry when it seems impossible. The suspension of disbelief must be firm!

Develop Complex characters, But not Perfect ones!

One of the biggest mistakes an author can make when writing a novel is creating too-perfect characters. It may even seem like a good idea at first. After all, in theory, people look for perfection and worry about defects and common characteristics, right? Wrong!

People are interested in people, and real people have defects, weaknesses, and qualities that shine because they are part of a large group. For a reader to really get involved when reading a Novel book, he needs to immerse himself in this story as if it were his own life and, for that, the characters have to look real. The Likeness of verisimilitude with human Nature is fundamental.

This does not mean that your characters need to be dull. None of this, it is interesting to read a novel with extraordinary characters, which you would never meet in real life. Still, they must have human characteristics so that your reader imagines himself knowing this character.

To help develop complex characters, we have written questions that you should ask your feelings.

Explore the Feelings of the Characters

There is no point in writing a romance book in which there is no love. You must feel the love in the story. Otherwise, you will have failed in the basic premise of your book.

It’s fun to write a novel in the style of opposites, but what makes these stories so good is precisely the process of falling in love with those you least expected. The couple cannot be together overnight. The reader must feel that love happens.

Just as an example, one character may find the other mediocre at first and, as time goes by, feel and show more and more respect for her.

Interactions that were just fighting, in the beginning, can become good laughs or intimate outpourings throughout history. Suddenly, the heart flutters, and the character realizes that her feelings are changing.

It is essential to remember that it is not enough to just tell the reader what your characters feel. The reader must tangibly feel this love to believe the story you are describing.

When writing a romance book, you must demonstrate that, until the end of the story, that your characters are willing to do anything for the sake of each other. And that they will go to the end of the world and will do the impossible to be together.

A Good Romance Novel presents conflicts and difficulties.

In real life, we may even want easy love, in which everything works out from the beginning and every moment is one of happiness. Still, the fiction reader almost always seeks conflict. It is overcoming difficulties that make the good times really worthwhile.

Furthermore, much of the fun in a romance book is the sexual and loving tension between the characters. To make them stand together face to face, without being able to really desire and miss the other is to cut the reader’s high.

There are many types of conflicts and difficulties that can separate a couple or postpone their union. The ideal is to combine both internal emotional issues and concrete external problems.
For example, it may be the story of a couple who fell in love on a trip but actually lives in places very far from each other (external problem). One of the characters feels too insecure about distance relationships (internal issue). It is a simple example, but you can think of extraordinary conflicts as long as your Romance’s Novel book is still credible.

Difficulties and Challenges: The Spices for Romance

There must be immense difficulties that are gradually presented to the viewer. Your reader should be hoping that the two can be together and, at the same time, feels more and more afraid that everything will go wrong in the end. It is like a romantic movie to watch with a box of tissues on the side.

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Read many romance books and understand the reader’s expectations.
Last but not least, to write a Romance Novel book, you must read many novel books. Publishing a book is easy, it is challenging to please readers. The surest way to simplify this process and write good books is to understand everything about the genre you intend to write.

When it comes to romance books, the tip is this: there is a formula. In general, the plot structure revolves around the relationship between the characters and ends with a happy ending. It works something like this:

The protagonists know each other, meet again or perceive each other’s existence for the first time. (Ex .: the first time a girl interacts with her neighbor; reunion in adulthood with a childhood passion; etc.)
A complication arises that separates the couple. (Ex .: family forbids the relationship; a good guy is called to war; ex-girlfriend reappears; etc.)
Protagonists stay together and happily ever after. (The complication is overcome, and the couple establishes a relationship).

Of course, it is possible to write a novel without following this formula but remember that not every reader of a romance book will be happy with this decision.

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