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Brand Biography and The Importance of Publishing Your Entrepreneurial History.

When a company is born, a story is born.

Your Brand Biography tells the story of the first years, the first customers, the first logo, the vision, the mission, and the values. The importance of the history of a company and its founder is unparalleled.

The story is unique. The legacy is the same way. He who can know a company’s history profoundly falls in love with the idealism and human motivations behind the Business creation.

No other means of dissemination (advertising or marketing action) can reach people’s hearts like a biography.

This is one of the ways we witness storytelling at its finest.

A business biography is a powerful and useful tool because it functions as a historical registry and gives the human dimension and the inspirational element of your personal journey.

Imagine knowing the real human story behind the Great nonprofits or big multinationals, all of them starting from a small dream.

The reader (whether he is an employee, customer, family member, friend, or even a stranger), when reading the history of a company in detail, feels part of that story. And the value that this represents is transferred to the brand.


The brand has unquestionable value. Without it, there would be no distinction from one company to another.

Its importance is so great that it can only be compared to a person in society, with a unique personality and personal stories.

The brand value enables important differentiation between a company and its competitors.

And when this story is told in a book, the company is able to demonstrate superior value to the reader, whether this customer or not.


The company and its marketing department are aware of the importance of brand value. They know that, at the present time, the customer expects brands to have actions focused on values.

The company deals with consumer perceptions and feelings all the time. Therefore, all brand work is essential. Promotional actions, advertising, and online dissemination are some tools that marketing uses.

The relationship with the customer is another tool. A Brand Biography can be an invaluable tool to create a bond between the public (consumer) and your company. Psychologically empathic bonds are formed between these two ‘agents “.

In this context, Business Biography (Brand Biography) is a critical differential to strengthen the relationship with the market. It offers the X factor that differentiates you and your competition. It emphasizes your uniqueness.

Offering the customer/reader the company’s history is a unique way to highlight the company’s values ​​and publicize the brand.

And since Biography is not an advertising piece, the perception that the reader will have about the company will be much more robust and more authentic, and more unique.

  Entrepreneurial Journeys & Brand Biography

Does your company have a history of achievements?

Let’s build this book together and leave it as a reference for future generations.

Why Does Writing a Book Help in Creating Reputation?

Professionals are increasingly looking to register their knowledge in a book and strengthen their authority. There are cases in which the author (being a person or a company) has already built authority on the internet and outside it and has a loyal audience but has not yet organized his narrative into an in-depth text.

It is also possible that the person is at the beginning of the construction of authority and chooses to write a book precisely to organize and disseminate his knowledge and its exclusive experiences.

Do you want to write a technical or theoretical book?

Writing a technical book can be a challenging mission for many people. It is common for authors to not know where to start, organize information clearly, or even make fundamentally theoretical writing attractive to the reader.

The good news is: Yes, it is possible to write a technical book with a pleasant text that. It is also possible at the same time, to fulfill its role of teaching, inspiring, or transmitting knowledge to the reader.

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