Pet Memoirs

Pet memoirs

Pet Memoirs: Keeping Your Pets’ Memory Alive

Why should you write a Pet memoir for your furbaby?

An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.
Martin Buber

It is no secret that our animal companions have short lives. Still, even so, the amount of love and dedication they show us can exceed longer relationships. Our deep connection with our pets has gotten respect over the years as more people see their dogs ( and other pets) as actual family members.
It’s incredible how much love and joy they bring into our lives and how close we get to each other because of them. No doubt, the hardest part of the relationship with our Furbabies is losing them too soon.

Sometimes these alternative manifests through a series of hard choices. Sometimes it can come to be through a distressing event. Anyone who has experienced something like that knows how traumatic It can be and how long it might take to move on. But in all cases, their absence can cause us emotional pain and grief. In reality, from one furbaby owner to another, we recognize the intense pain and emptiness that occurs after their loss.

“Death ends a Life, not a relationship.” -Jack Lemmon

There is no right way to grieve and journey through this process, as everyone walks down a different journey with a pet. But, if you are like me, you probably thought about some practical way to immortalize the memory of your beloved Pet.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

Animals are family, and some people have difficulties understanding this concept. But nonetheless, it is a hard truth: our pets are, in a way, our four-legged kids.
Pets benefit children in a variety of ways, including supplying friendship and social interaction. As such, when a child’s Pet passes away, the youngster can feel like they’ve lost their closest companion.
This way, with it in mind, finding ways to keep your child’s Pet’s memory alive is critical. Expression of Gratitude renews the sweetness of the good moments and the goodness of memories.Pet memoirs

Pet memoirs- iSpirit and the Guardian of Memories Project™.

It can help with the mourning process to find a way to memorialize your dog. There are many ways to do this, so you can choose one that feels the most powerful — and natural — way to honor the intense love between you and your dog.

“Heartbreak is life educating us.” -George Bernard Shaw

The Guardian of Memories project is designed to help people (especially children) cope with the loss of their beloved pets and help them move on eternalizing memories and good moments. Now your Pet can have its stories recorded in an exclusive book.

We figured that there are different ways to reveal that memorialization, and we name three different ( sometimes complementary formats).

1. Create a Blog (with or without Social Media).

This is a powerful way to keep your Pet’s memory alive, creating an online Memorial site. Consider starting a blog to memorialize your Pet and to comfort others who are facing loss. Another idea is to Create a Memory website with your child to document your deceased Pet’s life. It is an effective way to help your child come to terms with their Pet’s death, regardless of the circumstances surrounding it.

2. A Pet Memoir

You can tell the story of your Pet, from the time you brought it home to the day you laid it to rest. You can include memories of your Pet that are both humorous and touching. A beautifully written memoir also completes your Pet’s life story while supplying a physical and positive reminder of their life to look back on.

3. Children’s Book (with your Pet as the main character)

This is the most creative literary outreach and the most fun. Create the fully illustrated Children’s style “book” for your Pet and amuse and inspire others. Transform your Pet into a superhero, a teacher, or just enjoyably tell his story.

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