Other Relevant Publishing Questions

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Other Relevant Publishing Questions

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How does this work? How long does it take to publish a book?

The deadline for publishing a book is 60 to 90 days, but this period can be extended indefinitely. Part of the process of producing a book goes through the author’s sieve, and this process depends exclusively on your response time.

How do I get my Manuscript Copyrighted?

The author’s responsibility is to use a copyright notice, but the law grants you copyright protection instantaneously upon the creation of your manuscript/work.
Consequently, one will need to put the name of the owner of the copyright, the year it was published first, and the word “copyright” and/or symbol somewhere within the document to secure copyright protection. It doesn’t really involve advanced permission from the US Copyright Office.

What are the minimum and maximum number of pages that the original should have?

There is no minimum or the maximum number of pages for the originals to be proposed for editing. iSpirit publishes from small books to large works with a hundred pages.

Do you, as a Publishing house, help the author to publicize the Book?

iSpirit Publishing knows the importance of spreading your work so that it reaches readers. We have a team that is ready to publish your Book on social networks by e-mail, launch your Book, and even support the press office.

Does iSpirit accept new authors?

iSpirit Publishing is ready to welcome new writers and serve them in the best way. After all, we are a publisher of independent authors and Assisted Publishing.

Can you explain what an ISBN number is?

The ISBN is a ten-digit number that uniquely identifies a publication worldwide. You can purchase an ISBN number from R.R. Bowker, the US agency licensed to sell these numbers. The cost is $205 for ten ISBN numbers. ISBN numbers are printed on the copyright page as well as above the bar code on softback books. If one is publishing both a hard and a softcover version of a document, both versions will need an ISBN. Click here for the ISBN website.

Am I Supposed to include a barcode in my Book?

The ISBN number is typically converted into a compatible bar code format. This is labeled Bookland EAN (European Article Number).
Every bookstore uses bar codes for scanning at registers, so it is advantageous for a publisher to place a bar code on the back cover. Multiple software programs are available that will produce bar code. Then it can be placed in the correct location on your back cover. The bar code must be printed in black ink.

I want to sell my books in Libraries. What should I do?

Well, If it is you plan to sell your book to libraries, it is a good idea to have an LCCN- Library of Congress Catalog number. To do that, you will need to apply for a free Library of Congress Pre-Assigned Card Catalog Number.
Applications for this number can be processed by clicking on the Library of Congress website.

Should I have a Copyright page?

A Copyright page is generally found on the back of the title page of a book. Normally, such a page includes the word “copyrighted, or copyright” and/or contains the copyright symbol. You may find the Book’s publishing year, the publisher’s name, and the LCCN- the Library of Congress Catalog Number. It also contains the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

Can I have a live free chat with someone about Other Relevant Publishing Questions?

Yes, send us an email and we will be delighted to chat with you and answer all your questions.

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