About Assisted Publishing?

Why use Assisted Publishing?

What You Need to Know about Assisted Publishing!

Why Use Assisted Publishing?

Assisted Publishing and Hybrid Publishing space are a new modality of Publishing Books.

They are ways to think outside the box. Traditional publishing is losing its attraction and becoming less profitable.

There are different types, and basically, what differentiates them from the “vanity press model” is that they are more like regular publishing companies but with a unique blueprint.
Hybrid Publishing (and some of the Assisted Publishing) maintain an active submissions process.

They also control their cover design and editorial process.

The payment for the author in Assisted and Hybrid Publishing comes from having more control of the sales and the Royalties.

The author may invest in their own work, or perhaps they may be raising money through crowdfunding to finance their work. The Good part is that they keep a considerable share of the profits instead of giving it all away (like traditional publishing).

The Aspiring Authors maintain creative ownership and are treated more like partners in the process. They do not depend on their publishers.
Yet, it’s a competitive publishing marketplace out there, and we urge authors to consider these options with their eyes wide open.

Assisted publishing may be a very suitable option if an author cannot take your title on an outright Traditional publication or simply prefer to produce your title themselves.
iSpirit Publishing Assisted Publishing division offers aspiring authors the support they need to produce their own masterpieces.

iSpirit Expertise comes from the Twelve Years of Publishing from OMTimes Media Inc, and we would love to walk with you and assist you in creating your book from Design to the publishing stage. We can support you and make the self-publishing process as smooth as possible for you.

The iSpirit “Assisted Publishing” include:

ISBN, barcode
Professional editing, indexing, and proofreading
Specialized design and layout
Print production managing.
Publicity and Marketing advice
The design, production, retail pricing advice. It includes format and paper quality.

Book Publishing Timeframe:

To publish a book can be a very time-consuming process. We evaluate the timing depending considerably on the state of readiness, the size, and the manuscript’s complexity. The manuscripts can take dozens of hours of editing, followed by dozens more designing and laying out the text and cover. Another quantity of hours must be allocated to organizing the files for the processes of proofing and printing.

Book production can take anywhere from 3 months to 6 months, depending upon a range of variables.

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