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Personal Branding Is the New Author’s Trademark

Personal Branding Is the New Author’s Trademark

Personal Branding

Personal Branding: The New Author’s Trademark

Suppose you are here as a published author. In that case, it is probably because you desire to improve your Author’s platform and establish a more effective personal branding. We understand, and that is of serious importance.

Very well, you already know what a lot of people spend their lives looking for, what moves them, for what makes their soul burn with joy and anticipation.

Two things will help you with your branding: your passion and a clear set of goals.

Having a clear goal is an important step in developing your personal brand. Along with your passion, they will help you turn those dreams into reality.
If you have been accompanying our articles, you will know that we consider being a writer more than a hobby and career.

As such, a successful writing career must also be planned. Your audience niche, the image you are going to project, all of this is important when it comes to being a successful author. Still, your most valuable asset is your personal brand.

Programing Your Personal Branding

Effective personal brand management previews the control of the right signals and triggers the proper mechanisms. Ultimately, this will make all the difference between winners and losers, between follow-up and anonymous stars who will die invisibly. Developing strategic planning will make a difference, and it will become the key to leveraging an author’s successful career.

Many aspiring authors waste time waiting for everything, and at the same time, they are delaying their careers for nothing.

They are waiting for answers from the publishers, waiting for the brilliant idea, the perfect inspiration. They think that having a perfect book is the key to thinking about being a professional writer and a well-known published author.

This line of thought can’t be further than the truth. Don’t wait; dream, became a visionary, and plan.

Plan how much time you will devote to writing, and how much time will you devote to reading?
question yourself for how long will you need to study?
when will you start promoting yourself as a writer? What will be your differential?

Branding Starts Small, with Baby Steps

Have attainable goals and invest in your future as a published author right now. Remember that the investment we are talking about is not necessarily financial. The most significant investments you can make are your time and your commitment to your goals.

Learn, write, rewrite, edit, and try again; always share your knowledge. Or, to paraphrase Seth Godin, write things worth talking about and talk about what you write.
If you want to live as a published author, with your writings and books, you have to understand that your essays are a product, and you are your best seller.

The Author of the book is one of the factors that influence the decision to buy a book. That is, people buy the book because they want to know what that Author has to say. It is not difficult to recognize this trend when fans say that they would even buy this or that Author’s shopping list.

Jokes aside, the Author’s name is a brand that helps sell his books. Therefore, if you are not yet a published author, seek to create or strengthen your personal brand online and offline.

“But how can an aspiring author build a personal brand?”

Start Personal Branding with Storytelling

We have good news. Usually, for experts in brand building, the key to a successful brand is storytelling. But this should be done truthfully and consistently. As a writer, you are already versed in main storytelling techniques, now it remains to know: what is the story you want to tell?

Who are you as a writer? Why do you write? What kind of literature are you inspired by, and what do you aim to write? All of these are questions that will help you define your brand.

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Think about why the reader should choose to read his work and not those of so many other authors. This is what sets you apart. That is what will make you unique-invest in it.

After answering all these questions for yourself, think of three adjectives for your brand.

Whenever you post on your networks, on your fan page, think about it: does your post correspond to the brand image you want to convey?

This is a simple exercise, a practice that you can include in your daily life to reinforce the characteristics that you want to appear on you.

You see, this is not about lying, quite the contrary. Do not misrepresent yourself. Your fans will read this. It is about extolling the best you have and extolling it in your networks.

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