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Mistakes Authors Should Avoid On Social Media

Mistakes Authors Should Avoid On Social Media

Social Media Mistakes

 Six Mistakes an Author Should Not Make Using Social Media

Before we speak about the six biggest mistakes a new author can make on social media, we want to give fair warning.

This article is filled with truths but is displayed with a scent of acid sense of humor*.

We understand that these mistakes can reflect poorly on the image and on your branding as a new author.

Some truths you may not want to hear, but they are real, nonetheless. Perhaps you have already made one of these mistakes.

No problem. Admit, learn, and move on with a better digital demeanor.

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.
Leo Burnett

1.Big Mistake: Tagging people in your book post

Tagging people is one of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion.

Do you increase the visibility of your post? Sure, but you become boring.

Really annoying, one of those that get angry quickly. You are spending other people’s bandwidth with your notifications. Please be conscious of that.

2. Misstep: Sending inbox messages asking if they have already bought, read, or have written a review for you.

Boring! Maybe if I already bought it and didn’t leave a review, it’s because I didn’t like your book, my friend, and you don’t want to know about that, right ?!

Social media is your platform to build a unique fan base while you express yourself exactly how you see yourself. Build wisely.
Germany Kent

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3.Third Behavior to Avoid: Cussing and Swearing the book critics!

Criticism is not always constructive and positive. We know that.

But If you give your book for review, you must be ready to hear truths. Other opinions can be rash. There is no use complaining afterward.

Accept whatever comes as constructive criticism. Ignore anything negative and never, but never get into fights with the critics. It will serve you nothing.

4.  Saying that so-and-so didn’t like the book because he didn’t understand the book.

Definitely, this is a no-no. The person has the right to read, understand and dislike the book anyway. Your book may not please everyone. Imagine how the world would be if everyone wanted only the color yellow.

5.Possible Mistake: Dodge the impulse of making SPAM in others’ posts by linking to your book

Unless the person in question asks for a referral, don’t post your book’s link as a comment on other people’s posts and pages.

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Seriously! This is not good netiquette behavior, and it will reflect poorly on you.

6.  Avoid feeding the trolls

This is not a rule only for writers and authors, but it is a rule for life. Don’t ever, under any circumstances, feed the trolls. Do not feed them!

Nothing good will come from your interaction with the trolls. Do not give them time or space to annoy you. You know the drill, the only way some people become famous is by throwing stones at others. All they deserve is that you ignore them.

The way things happen on social media is so abusive and everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allowing this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist.
Ashley Judd

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